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There are several therabreath coupon codes you can use for the therabreath oral rinses:

1. a-per10 – This coupon offers a free tube of Perio Therapy toothpaste + Free Shipping

2. a-fg10 – This coupon offers 10% off + Free Shipping + a Free Therabreath Basics Kit (mouthwash + Toothpaste) – only works on orders over $100

3. b-Fg5 – This coupon is good for $5 off and free shipping on orders over $60

There are also additional rinses such as therabreath plus oral rinse which includes a ‘whitening’ aspect to the formula.

As a therabreath oral rinse review I would say this – the power behind these rinses is the power of oxyd-8. This is a chlorine dioxide compound that releases the power of oxygen into the oral cavity. The anaerobic bacteria responsible for causing breath problems absolutely despise the oxygen. This can help to reduce the bacterial population of the ‘bad’ bacteria. This is what makes the therabreath products, including therabreath toothpaste more potent than a simple salt water mouthrinse!

There are other types of dental mouthwash such as the periogard mouth rinse – however it is made of chlorhexidine. This chlorhexidine is very potent killer of bacteria. However, this mouth rinse would only be available via prescription. Longer term use (perhaps as little as two weeks) can result in dark staining of the teeth. This is a side effect that no one would want.

The list of different mouth rinses goes on, there is: (in no particluar order) oral b mouthwash, listerine bad breath mouthwash, viadent mouthwash, profresh mouthwash, lavoris mouthwash, other chlorine dioxide mouthwash, antiseptic mouthwash, oasis mouthwash and the list goes on and on.

A smart mouthwash would be one that is pH balanced and very few of the formulas on the market can claim this benefit. Therabreath oral rinse is one of the few that can.

The benefit to being a pH balanced dental oral rinse is that it raises the pH balance of the mouth. When you have this, their are two essential benefits.

The first is that the bacteria do not do well in an more basic environment. They like a more acidic environment and they produce more rapidly under acidic conditions. With the exception of xylitol mouthwash you are not likely to find too many mouth rinses that will drive the pH of the mouth higher.

The second benefit to a ph balanced mouthwash formula is that it can preserve your dental enamel and hardness of your teeth. When the pH is higher, the saliva can help your teeth to remineralize. Consider that when considering the thera breath oral rinse. When the mouth is acidic in nature as are some mouthwases, including many types of bad breath mouthwash, it is much easier for the opposite to happen. In other words calcium and phosphate can be pulled out of the teeth in an acidic mouth environment.

So when you are thinking about how to get rid of bad breath, these are other factors that you may want to keep in mind.

The Dr. Katz therabreath rinses are much better, in my opinion, than a peroxide oral rinse.

My name is David Snape, and I’m the author of the book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease.



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