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Halitosis – What Is The Definition of Halitosis?

Instead of just writing out the boring definition of halitosis, I thought I would just make an interesting video – ok, only in my opinion!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy.  If not, you can leave your comments below, telling me what a poor job I did. Excellent discount codes and coupons for therabreath products.. – Free Resource on combating bad breath

Hope you enjoyed the video?

Obviously, bad breath is a social problem.  It can hurt your confidence, particularly when you are not sure if you have it or not!  This is can be a problem.  You see, many people become very familiar with their own bad breath – to the point that they can no longer tell they have it.

If you have a close friend or family member that will tell you about the problem – that is a great start.

But how many people do not have anyone that can tell them about the problem?

As you can see from this link:

There is a video there where a person talks about her own bad breath.  When you see it, you will realize that this really can be a major problem.

To compound the issue, many people are used to simply buying products that act as a short term cover-up, instead of a longer term solution.

Some of these products are down right smelly in their own right!   I remember one time, that ‘someone I know’  had used an alcohol laden mouthwash. The smell of the alcohol in and of itself was a ‘different’ type of bad breath.

I cannot imagine that it is healthy either!  But, that is a matter of opinion I suppose.

If you do have bad breath, or any other health problem, you should be under the care of a doctor for advice, diagnosis and treatment.

What you can do is take information with you to your doctor or take a bottle of therabreath mouthwash (see coupons above) and see if the doctor or dentist thinks it might work for you.  Then you can try it and you may be surprised (and so might the doctor).

In any case, I am sure that you will not argue with me when I say that bad breath can be a big problem both professionally and socially.  And I am equally sure you will agree that if this is a problem that you are familiar with, you will want to get rid of it!


Therabreath Mouthwash Coupon…

This video is about using therabreath mouthwash coupons:

You can find more therabreath coupons here:

Therabreath mouthwash has two main advantages over most of the other mouthwash that you find on a store shelf. One is that it is pH balanced and the other is that therebreath mouthwash is oxygenated. This addressed two essential points. One is that pH balance is important to reduce the reproductive activity of bacteria. In an acidic mouth, bacteria will reproduce more rapidly. Since their waste products are also acidic, those waste products will add to the acidic environment, thereby making the situation worse and worse as the cycle continues.

When you balance the pH in your mouth, you are deriving the benefit of slowing this process down. While it is helpful to slow the process down, you will never be able to get rid of all the bacteria. But keeping a healthy pH balance may help you to avoid the problems that come from dental disease. Bad breath is one of those problems. While no one can guarantee that anything will definitely work for you, because every human body has a different chemistry, the therabreath formulas have certainly helped a lot of people.

If you read the therabreath site, you will see that they claim to have helped ‘millions’ around the world. Therefore, it seems reasonable to expect that you have at least a chance of a positive outcome.

The oxygenation is another key factor. Low oxygen environments favor anaerobic metabolism – that is just a fancy way of saying that bacteria can and will produce acidic waste products as a byproduct of low oxygen conditions. When you add oxygen to the environment, you are taking away those conditions, thereby giving healthy bacteria a chance as well as producing an inhospitable environment for the anaerobic bacteria, thereby slowing them down, causing them to revert to ‘oxygen’ metabolism or simply eliminating them because they can no longer perform anaerobic production of energy.

While this science is as I remember it from school, views of scientist can change. They often do not agree with each other either. But judging by the positive effect on the lives of ‘millions’ of people – as declared by therabreath, then it seems fair to acknowledge that the above theory may be accurate.

Mouthwash is a consumable product, obviously. By using these coupons and buying the ‘bulk’ or ‘family’ packs on the therabreath website, you can really stock up for less. This is the benefit of the therabreath coupons.

Therabreath Mouthwash

Therabreath mouthwashWhen considering a mouthwash, at least for conscientious people, there really are important factors to take into account.  Not all mouthwash is created equal.  Some have a strong taste or strong smell.  I bet you can think of one like that too!  🙂

Therabreath does not have that problem.  It has a very neutral smell and taste.  Its purpose is to eliminate bad breath at the root.  It is not trying to cover a bad breath smell with another kind of smell.

You may ask, “How does Therabreath do that?”.  Good question.  Let’s explore the answer right now.

Therabreath products are oxygenated and pH balanced.  This is good for you and bad for the bacteria that cause bad breath, gum disease and dental caries (cavities).

Why is this so?  Let’s start with pH balance.  It is thought that a balanced (closer to 7) pH is good for your dental health for many reasons.  One is your tooth enamel. With a higher pH you are protecting your enamel because your saliva can then deliver the minerals that the teeth need to enact a process called ‘remineralization’. This can allow your enamel to ‘repair’ itself and make the teeth harder and better able to withstand the constant acid attack we inflect them with by drinking acidic beverages like many sodas and even fruit juices!

However, there is another more important reason to use a pH balanced mouthwash. When the mouth is pH balanced the bacteria that are there grow more slowly. However, in an acidic environment the same bacteria will grow much more quickly. This is particularly true for the ‘bad bacteria’ that use a limited cellular process to create energy. Because of this limited form of metabolism, they produce more acids themselves! This complicates the trouble of pH balance. Therefore, decreasing the pH balance in your mouth even further. This lower pH value causes the bacteria to reproduce faster, thereby creating more acid wastes! You can see how this problem becomes self-perpetuating.

The second part of the Therabreath one-two punch is the oxygenation.  Very few products on the market have the patented chloroxy compounds (or anything similar) that deliver oxygen right to those bacteria that hate it so much!  It can either cause them to die or cause them to behave more like ‘good’ bacteria.  In either case it is a win for you!

Oxygen PLUS pH balance, that makes the Therabreath mouthwash very powerful.

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