TheraBrite Plus Deluxe Whitening Kit – TTHW-TBRI-135


This is the Therabrite Deluxe Teeth Whitening Kit, You can have Whiter Teeth in just 5 days with these moldable trays that you custom fit to your own mouth. I suggest using CCoupon Code b-fg5 at checkout to save $5 and get Free Shipping.


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Teeth Whitening

can be a tricky subject. Most people do want whiter teeth and that is a motivating factor for many of us. If you are able to stand your yellow teeth, then do so by all means – and more power to you. To be someone that is not concerned about how others look at them is very fortunate and enjoys a kind of freedom that many others will never know or understand. And I sincerely mean that. That really is a great kind of freedom.

However, if you are someone who is looking for teeth whitening method, this one was created by a dentist. He uses the moldable trays that you may or may not be familar with. Basically, they get heated up with hot water and you take a ‘mold’ of your teeth. Then this mold cools and hardens. This is what you use to put the gel in. Then you place the trays around your teeth and begin the whitening process.

This particular whitening kit uses 21% Caramide Peroxide – Probably the most powerful you can buy ‘over-the-counter’. Therefore, if you are really looking to get the job done, this may be the kit you want.

I have worked with the company that created this product and they do have excellent customer service and are always very helpful. You most likely will be happy with them too. I say most likely because nothing, no one and no company is 100% perfect for everyone. However, I can say that I really do like this particular company. I think they are very helpful.

In today’s world, everyone wants to have whiter teeth – at least in America. That is why kits like this one exist. It fulfills a wish. If you have read this far, you most likely share that wish. This kit comes with a 30 day guarantee, therefore you are safe and protected.

The Therabrite Whitening Deluxe Kit may be your best choice.

Once, I worked with a dentist who charged $400 dollars to make the custom molds. With this kit, you can make your own molds. And, you get to save yourself a lot of money as a result.

This kit uses a natural mint flavoring and a non-sugar sweetener.

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