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therabreath reviewTherabreath is a product line that was developed by a dentist who made a specialty of bad breath in response to his own daughter’s problem with bad breath.

He wondered why with all of his dental training, he was ill equipped to solve the problem of bad breath. After much research, Dr. Katz found that the cause of bad breath was primarily from the creation of VSCs or Volatile Sulfur Compounds that are created by bacteria that hide in the throat or the back of the tongue.

His inquiries led him to oxygenated compounds that can kill the germs that create the volatile sulfur compounds or at least cause them to live in a way that does not create those compounds.

This is how Therabreath Mouth Wash came about. In fact, Dr. Katz website states that millions around the world have benefited from his products.

That is easy to understand as he demonstrated on live TV, using a halimeter how his products affected bad breath – and very quickly too.

His demonstration involved biting into an onion – this simulated bad breath. The halimeter was able to confirm the sulfur present. After using one of his products, the halimeter was utilized again and showed that the amount of sulfur compounds had been greatly reduced.

Dr. Katz is passionate about helping people with their oral health issues. Therefore he has set up a free trial for those interested in trying his products out.

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