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getting rid of morning breath

Get Away from me with your stinky morning breath - I need a gas mask!

Morning breath is painful for many people. We do not like to smell it on our own breath and we CERTAINLY don’t like to smell morning breath on our partners (especially during certain activities).

We also get annoyed when other family members breathe on us or use words that cause us to catch a wiff of their breath!

Are you experiencing anything like that?

Dr. Katz, a renowned expert on getting rid of bad breath wrote an article specifically about morning breath. You can read the full article by clicking here.

In the article Dr. Katz mentions a few interesting points:

“As we sleep throughout the night, our salivary glands slow down (for some older people, they shut down completely) because our brain knows we are not eating. This slowdown, combined with the constant flow of air over our palate (for those of us who are snorers or mouth breathers) makes for a very dry environment on the tongue, within our oral cavity, and in the throat (the breeding grounds of the anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria that cause bad breath and taste disorders).”

“As I discuss in my article about dry mouth, this creates an environment that is very conducive for morning breath.  Saliva is nature’s way of protecting us from bad breath, because healthy saliva contains high concentrations of oxygen, which is the natural enemy of anaerobic bacteria.  So if you get morning breath after a good night’s sleep, don’t worry – you’re not alone!

What most people don’t know (and this includes most medical and dental professionals), is that morning breath is not something that you have to live with.”

Dr. Katz goes on to explain what you can do about it.  Click here to read the rest 

I would add that certain medications can also cause a dry mouth.  This, of course, can worsen while sleeping

But before you go, take some money saving coupons with you.  click here for the good coupons  – Choose the one best for you.

When making a small purchase, try coupon a-per10  – it gives you free shipping and a free tube of oxygenated toothpaste.

Oxygen is good for fighting the ‘bad bacteria’ that are believed to cause bad breath and other dental health issues.

Another good coupon is: a-fg10  This coupon gives you free ground shipping,  plus a free bottle of oxygenated mouthwash,  oxygenated toothpaste as well as a tongue scraper (important tool to have).  ON TOP OF THAT you get 10% off your entire purchase price.  BUT  – there is a catch,  it only works on orders of $100 or more.

A third coupon is b-fg5  – this coupon gives you $5 off and free shipping on any order of $60 or more.

So, now you can see that the burden of getting rid of morning breath does not have to be as great.  You can save and get it done!

Enjoying fresh breath in the morning – especially on your partner and family members can make for more pleasant mornings…

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