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Therabreath Sale On Right Now…


Dislcaimer: This sale may be over by the time you read this, but you can still benefit from these: click here

Why Are These Particular Products Worthwhile, Dave? 

Cutting out all of the promotional and commercial stuff,  there are two basic reasons why these products are good.

Most of them are pH balanced and oxygenated.

Let’s talk about pH balance first.

pH balance is important to the mouth for a number of reasons but here are the two main ones:

1. Higher pH can help to strengthen your teeth by driving more minerals into the enamel.  This counterbalances the negative effects (driving the minerals out – effectively weakening enamel) that you get from eating acid foods and drinks.

Many drinks are acidic.  The list includes coffee, processed fruit juices,  colas and sodas and others.

Many foods are acidic in nature.  For example,  while many fruits are good for the body overall, they are acidic when in the mouth and can have the unintentional effect of weakening tooth enamel.

A good pH balanced mouthwash could be just the ticket after eating or drinking acidic foods or drinks.

The Second Point About pH

A good pH balance has an inhibiting effect on the ‘bad bacteria’ in the mouth.   They prefer an acidic environment.   Depriving them of an acidic environment slows down their reproduction.

Since these acidic bacteria also secrete acidic waste byproducts themselves, they can perpetuate the acidic cycle.   Having less of them around, is likely going to be of benefit to you.

Why Is Oxygenation Good?

Many of the bacteria that cause bad breath, gum disease and dental cavities (through acid secretions that attack the enamel) use a form of metabolism (energy production) that is anaerobic in nature.

Anaerobic simply means ‘oxygen shunning’.    Basically, they use a form of metabolism that does not like the presence of oxygen.

Of interesting note is the fact that the byproduct of this anaerobic metabolism is,  you guessed it, acid!

So you see by enriching their environment with oxygen, they will either revert to aerobic metabolism (not much acidic byproducts)  or if they do not have that ability, they will die in the presence of the oxygen.

So, I hope that I have explained the purpose of using the products that are on sale.  (warning, it may be too late by the time you read this).

Getting Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath is problematic to people because they may not know they have it and it annoys the heck out of the people around them.   It can be disruptive to both personal and professional relationships.

Many, many people suffer from bad breath.  The products mentioned above were created by a doctor who specializes in eliminating bad breath.


Gum Disease

While having bad breath can be irritating to other people, particularly the ones who are close to you or have influence over your career, there is an even bigger danger, in my opinion.  That danger is gum disease.

Gum disease is the number one cause of  tooth loss.  There is nothing else that even comes close.

Many people have gum disease right now, in their mouths, and are completely unaware that they have it.

This disease can easily progress if left unchecked.

The bacteria responsible for gum disease are,  you guessed it!  They are anaerobic in nature.   So, oxygenated, pH balanced products might be to your benefit here as well.

They love a low oxygen, acidic environment the best.

The products on sale right now that are best for this problem are the Perio Therapy products.  And you can get coupons for those right here.


If None of This Makes Sense

I hope that all of this made sense.  But I will be the first to admit that I may not be the best at explaining things.   If you still have some questions about why oxygented, pH balanced products can help where other products fail or have a short-term effect, get free e-book, it will explain a lot more.

What To Do Now

Here are three options to choose from:

Get the Free E-book

Check Out The Sale – If it is still available by the time you run across this.

Get Money Saving Coupons  –  If you were not able to take advantage of the sale, where you can save  LOTS,  you can still use these great coupons to put a smile on your face.

Everyone loves to save, don’t they?

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment section below.

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Getting Rid Of Morning Breath…

Coupons For Getting Rid of Morning Breath


getting rid of morning breath

Get Away from me with your stinky morning breath - I need a gas mask!

Morning breath is painful for many people. We do not like to smell it on our own breath and we CERTAINLY don’t like to smell morning breath on our partners (especially during certain activities).

We also get annoyed when other family members breathe on us or use words that cause us to catch a wiff of their breath!

Are you experiencing anything like that?

Dr. Katz, a renowned expert on getting rid of bad breath wrote an article specifically about morning breath. You can read the full article by clicking here.

In the article Dr. Katz mentions a few interesting points:

“As we sleep throughout the night, our salivary glands slow down (for some older people, they shut down completely) because our brain knows we are not eating. This slowdown, combined with the constant flow of air over our palate (for those of us who are snorers or mouth breathers) makes for a very dry environment on the tongue, within our oral cavity, and in the throat (the breeding grounds of the anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria that cause bad breath and taste disorders).”

“As I discuss in my article about dry mouth, this creates an environment that is very conducive for morning breath.  Saliva is nature’s way of protecting us from bad breath, because healthy saliva contains high concentrations of oxygen, which is the natural enemy of anaerobic bacteria.  So if you get morning breath after a good night’s sleep, don’t worry – you’re not alone!

What most people don’t know (and this includes most medical and dental professionals), is that morning breath is not something that you have to live with.”

Dr. Katz goes on to explain what you can do about it.  Click here to read the rest 

I would add that certain medications can also cause a dry mouth.  This, of course, can worsen while sleeping

But before you go, take some money saving coupons with you.  click here for the good coupons  – Choose the one best for you.

When making a small purchase, try coupon a-per10  – it gives you free shipping and a free tube of oxygenated toothpaste.

Oxygen is good for fighting the ‘bad bacteria’ that are believed to cause bad breath and other dental health issues.

Another good coupon is: a-fg10  This coupon gives you free ground shipping,  plus a free bottle of oxygenated mouthwash,  oxygenated toothpaste as well as a tongue scraper (important tool to have).  ON TOP OF THAT you get 10% off your entire purchase price.  BUT  – there is a catch,  it only works on orders of $100 or more.

A third coupon is b-fg5  – this coupon gives you $5 off and free shipping on any order of $60 or more.

So, now you can see that the burden of getting rid of morning breath does not have to be as great.  You can save and get it done!

Enjoying fresh breath in the morning – especially on your partner and family members can make for more pleasant mornings…

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AktivOxigen Coupons

AktivOxigen Coupons

1. If you are going to buy a single bottle of aktivoxigen serum, your best coupon is probably going to be a-per10.

This coupon will give you free shipping (which is a nice savings) + a free bottle of perio therapy toothpaste.


2. If you are going to buy the aktivOxigen 3 pak, you will probably want to use coupon code brng27a –  click here for 3 Pack –  You get $27.77 off your order with brng27a. Order total must be over $50 to use this coupon.

3.  If you are going to buy 2 or more 3 packs, then coupon code a-fg10 is a great coupon:  This coupon gives you 10% off your total order, free shipping and a free basics kit (includes oxygenated toothpaste and mouthwash).  Order total must be over $100 to use this coupons

If you were to buy one three pak and one single bottle – a total of four aktivOxigen serums, you could use coupon b-fg5 – this will give you 5% off + free shipping.   This coupon is good on orders of $60 or more.

Get AktivOxigen Here

Therabreath Buy 2 Get One Free Sale – This Week Only

Date:  December 27th 2011.

Click here for the sale

This sale is a Buy 2 and get one free deal.

This means that you can buy 2 of your favorite therabreath product and get a third one free.

This sale will only last one week and will end at midnight on December 31st, 2011.   This is just a few days away.

So hurry,

Read more about the details of this sale by clicking here. 


List of Therabreath Products By Category…

Here is a list of Therabreath Products by category.   Be sure to use these valuable coupons to reap savings, free shipping and discounts.

Use coupon a-fg10 for purchases over $100.  See the other coupons here.  (for other types and amounts)

Therabreath Products by Category

1.  Fresher Breath –  Get rid of bad breath with the  power of oxygenated, pH balanced mouthwash, toothpaste, gums and mints.   This is powerful and unique.  Most other products do not have this ‘scientific approach’.   Oxygenation kills or stop anaerobic bacteria that are responsible for bad breath,  pH balance slows their reproduction rate down.    Both of these add up to a win for you – not just a ‘cover up’ approach.   Visit Products    Use coupons.

2.  Healthy Gums  – These products are very similar and do well for the same reasons.  Oxygenation and pH balance are helpful against the anaerobic bacteria that are responsible for causing gum disease.  It is very important to control / stop / prevent gum disease because it is the number one cause of tooth loss by far.   Want to save your teeth?  Then, work on keeping your gums healthy!   Visit products       Use coupons

3.  Dry Mouth –  Dry mouth is trouble because the ‘bad’ or ‘anaerobic’ bacteria like a dry mouth environment.  They are able to reproduce more rapidly under such conditions.  The mouth’s saliva has natural antibiotic protection.  Many medicines will cause dry mouth as a side effect.   Visit Products   Use Coupons

4. Tonsil Stones  – These are hardened deposits of calcium, saliva, food and very often bacteria.  They can be a source of bad breath and / or very uncomfortable sensations when swallowing.  On the other hand, they can also be present with no symptoms at all.   If enough ‘bad’ bacteria are growing there, you will likely smell them.  You might even be puzzled as to the source of the bad breath.   Regular treatments just won’t work when this is the source of malodorous breath.   Visit Products    Use Coupons

5.  Teeth Whitening – Many people want to have whiter teeth for a variety of reason.  These can range from personal to professional.  In any case, bear in mind that Caucasian teeth naturally lean to the ‘yellow’ shade.  Others have natural ivory colored teeth. This is the way that nature made it.  Of course, hygiene and diet have a lot to do with the color of teeth as well.    Visit Products    Use Coupons